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Our team and company

Anil Puri – Managing Director & Lead Consultant

With a strong career background in the IT and technology space, Anil brings together the people and processes to ensure your Microsoft Specialist journey is successful.

For over a decade Anil has been a Senior Project Manager delivering complex and high-quality IT and business solutions for leading organisations across Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Regional Government and IT Services.

Anil is skilled at leading and coaching teams through a collaborative and open-minded approach and is committed to developing strong and trusted long-term relationships with you and your wider team.

Our Corporate Values

Transparency – We bring an open and no-fuss approach to our consulting 12MSPSP© programme, actively modelling clear communication, accountability and openness throughout our engagement.

Goal Oriented – The Rezolutions team are empowered through our unique 12MSPSP© programme to develop a clear vision and set of goals for your project, then facilitate and lead an efficient and positive programme through to the end.

Learning – The technology world is always changing and evolving.  Our team are committed to staying up to date with the latest research, systems and programmes to ensure we always give you the best advice and support the industry can offer.

Continuous Improvement – We have a strong corporate commitment to the on-going improvement of all products, processes, and solutions we are involved with, ensuring our consulting practices are as efficient, accurate, and effective as possible.

Collaboration – Without a high level of collaboration and interaction, nothing great can be achieved.  We appreciate that every project needs the right level of input at the right time from the right person to be successful. 

Get the job done – Our sole focus is for your organisation to achieve the agreed Microsoft Specialisations.  We take a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, always ensuring our processes and time are focused towards ‘getting the job done’.

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