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Your Microsoft Azure Specialisations Partner

Rezolutions are a team of highly skilled NZ based IT professionals with proven experience assisting Microsoft Solutions Partners to achieve Microsoft Azure Specialisations – in as quickly as three months.  Utilising our independently developed 12 Stage Microsoft Solution Partner Specialisation Programme© (12MSPSP©), we guide your organisation through a logical pathway towards achieving designations in desired specialisation requiring IT auditing.

How do we get started?

Getting started towards your Microsoft Azure Specialisations certification is simple. 

1. Contact us to verify that your organisation has the prerequisites to apply for the desired Specialisation via the Microsoft Partner Centre.


2. After confirmation, we will organise a free 1-hour virtual consultation to assess the level of support your organisation requires to achieve the desired Specialisation.

3. After our initial free consultation, we provide a 12MSPSP© Statement of Work that includes the scope, approach, timeline and investment.

Let the fun begin

On commencement, we work closely with your Specialisation Project Team to ensure we approach your audit fully engaged and prepared, making your certification a positive, enjoyable and outcome driven process.

All Rezolutions programmes have the added benefit of being able to be managed 100% remotely.


Case Study - Enlighten Designs - 2022

Successfully assisted the design and technical agency Enlighten Designs to become one of the few New Zealand Microsoft Partners to achieve the status of a Microsoft Specialist Solutions Partner within three months, enabling access to increased Microsoft funding and facilitating a boost of $1 million additional annual revenue.

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